Q: Where can I buy U-Bee-Well™ Lip Balms?

A: On our U-Bee-Well™ website, we only offer wholesale orders.  Check out the awesome locations that supply our products here on our retail page.


Q: I want to place a wholesale order, how to I do this?

A: Contact Barbara@u-bee-well.com for pricing information.  We only place orders for 30 lip balms or more.


Q: I would love to collaborate with you.  What are my next steps?

A: Tell us what you we're thinking.  Contact Barbara@u-bee-well.com.  We've got lots of interesting concoctions in the works, so look forward to hearing from you.


Q: How can I be totally awesome and help support our Queen Bee Initiative?

A: Check out our Save the Bee's Initiative page here.  Every purchase you make brings us closer to supporting our independent farmers and beekeepers starting from Philly and beyond.